Bluesbunny;                            "Animal Behavior": Full Review

"Lia Menaker has been blessed with both a reflective mind and a sense of theatricality and it is those two things that provide the forward momentum for her album “Animal Behavior”... Bones' features her colleagues from the band Broken Darling... with an edgy poetry driving her lyrics forward, she steers the song like seventies rock was all that she worshipped. It doesn’t take much imagination to see this song as her star turn."


Sounds Good Blog;                           "Blood on My Hands": Full review

"Lia’s vocals are refreshingly honest and very self-assured, giving off a confident performance amongst an instrumental that always looks to re-invent itself. ‘Blood On My Hands’ is a superb song..."


Divide and Conquer;                          "Animal Behavior": Full review

"She showcases her pipes in dynamic fashion throughout the entire album... There is so much range and depth in her singing that it simply enriches the experience. She can sing - I don't think anyone can dispute that. But she is also an exceptional pianist. You don't need to listen past the first song to come to this realization."  


Scene Magazine;                                 "Animal behavior": Full review

"This is Lia Menaker's debut album, and she definitely gives us all she has. Her soulful voice mixed with her conversational vocals is soothing and very accessible... the album is like sitting at home with a nice bottle of wine next to the fire. Each song tells a different story and each story is so complex."


The Jersey Beat;                          "Broken Darling EP"

"Each of the six tracks is a radio-friendly, instantaneously catchy effort overflowing with beautiful vocals, particularly Lia Menaker. Menaker is an undiscovered star-a performer with a soulful, haunting voice that shines either exclusively on “Bones” (a track she wrote as well) or with Mark Bodino on “Willow Tree” and “Grains of Sand”..."