Music producer / songwriter / singer

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Hi there! I'm Lia Menaker - a music producer and singer/songwriter based in Philadelphia.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with all type of artists and projects within the Philadelphia region and around the world, collaborating, producing, and co-writing, depending on each unique project's needs. 

My work has been featured across national and international radio stations in 15+ countries and can be heard in Italian film Dolcemente Complicate and the theme song to podcast The X and Why. I also composed and produced the score to Welcome to Campfire's danceplay and film Subject, currently streamable on Broadway on Demand. 

In addition to producing for others, I've written, produced, and/or collaborated on 30+ songs of my own, and continue to write and release my own music. 

I work out of my home studio in Philadelphia, but love to find unique ways to work with artists and creators from around the world. So if you've got a song or project that needs vocals or producing - let's talk!