"Lia Menaker’s voice is utterly spellbinding."”

Higher Plain Music

With expressive, soulful vocals soaring over a mix of ambient pop, electronic, and alternative R&B sounds, Lia Menaker’s music moves beyond genre to sit in a world of its own. Dubbed “Noirtronica” by WXPN radio, Menaker’s music calls back to jazz vocalists like Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse while also exploring a mix of more experimental, spacious, electronic elements.

Menaker's music has been played over radio stations around the country such as iHeartRadio, WPR, and WXPN, who also named her as one of the "Philly 100". She has performed in 50+ cities around the U.S. and wrote and produced the score for Welcome to Campfire's danceplay and subsequent film "Subject", currently streamable on Broadway on Demand. 

Menaker continues to collaborate with and produce for various artists around the world including Giacomo Bondi, NUYONI, Mortão VMG, Jason Ager, and more.

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